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Jun 3, 2008. For a while I've been planning to add to this list, and to write about one of the most famous, most iconic lake monster photos: the Mansi photo.

Mar 31, 2018. Mansi was especially well-known in cryptozoology as the photographer of one of the Lake Champlain Monsters (“Champ”). Her picture has.

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A woman named Sandra Mansi sighted and photographed "Champ," resulting in what was called the "best photo" of the monster, and indeed of any lake monster anywhere. [Our 10 Favorite Monsters] That dark.

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Does Lake Champlain on the Vermont-New York border have its own Loch-Ness -like monster? This photo was taken by Sandra Mansi, who says her family's.

Champ, the Lake Champlain monster – this is the Mansi photo. Looks like the fin of some oceanic mammal to me.

The most famous photograph 1 of Champ, the Mansi Photograph, was taken in 1977. Sandra Mansi’s account of her family’s 1977 encounter with Champ is the most fully documented sighting of any lake monster sighting in history 1.

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For example, Sandra Mansi in 1977 photographed Champ in what is said to be the best. Mansi's husband handed her the camera and she took one photo.

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With the most famous photo of the Loch Ness monster (the “surgeon's photo”) revealed in 1993 to be a hoax, the Mansi photo stands alone as the most credible.

thumb. Nuria. thumb02. Floreale. thumb. Darkness. thumb. White. humb. Alessandra Giannetti. thum. Disco Fever. © Gaetano Mansi Portfolio / Photographer. 🙂

Artistic representation of Sandra Mansi's 1977 photograph of "Champ." Illustration by Benjamin Radford. More than 300 sightings have been reported over the.

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In American folklore, Champ or Champy is the name given to a lake monster supposedly living. In 1977, Sandra Mansi took a photograph while on vacation with her family that appears to show something sticking out of the lake. The entire.

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"The object in the Mansi photograph resembles a plesiosaur." Greenwell says. "..An aquatic reptile from the Cretaceous about 60-70 million years ago with a.

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“I am going to send a photograph to my son who lives in New York,” he said. but we were too cheap to spend a few thousands on dustbins?” Mansi Choksi is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai. She.

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Top Ten Media Myths about UFOs, Aliens, Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, Lake Champlain Monster, Roswell, Area 51, Crop Circles, Antigravity and Bermuda Triangle.

A more recent picture of Champ was taken in November of 2000, and of course there is the famous Mansi photograph. Read about more of the history of Champ.

Apr 16, 2014. The image which I am referring to is none other than the well-known and oft- scrutinized Mansi photograph taken at Lake Champlain in 1977.

Jul 2, 2013. “Despite the substantial weight and credibility given to it by Champ researchers, the Mansi photograph by itself is intriguing but holds almost no.

Palaniamma, 40, a housewife, poses for a photograph inside her mud-and-thatch home at the. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Mansi Thapliyal

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Mansi photograph. In 1977, Sandra Mansi took a photograph while on vacation with her family that appears to show something sticking out of the lake. The entire bay of the lake where the photograph reportedly was taken is no deeper than 14 feet (4.3 m).

Nov 11, 2013. The famous “Mansi photo” of the Lake Champlain monster has been held up for decades as strong proof for cryptozoology—the so-called best.

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The famous “Mansi photo” of the Lake Champlain monster has been held up for decades as strong proof for cryptozoology—the so-called best evidence for the.

The famous Sandra Mansi photograph, taken in the late 1970s, provided a visual view of at least something and experts, who examined the photo, claimed it.

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May 18, 2018. Cryptid Photograph #12: Mansi Photograph Taken: 1977 Location: Unknown bay in Lake Champlain Photographer: Sandra Mansi Cryptid:.

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Jan 18, 2013. “There are so many oddities about this photo,” he said. Since the 1980s, the publicity surrounding the Mansi photograph has inspired a slew.

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